Working with you to ensure thorough compliance to all regulations

Compliance & Quality Assurance

One Advantage has a dedicated Compliance & Quality Assurance department responsible for daily monitoring of all state and federal regulations and legislation impacting collections for the Healthcare marketplace. We openly communicate with our clients on both recently passed as well as proposed changes that impact both of our efforts in working within the revenue cycle area for Healthcare. We are one of the founding members of the “Customer Relations Consortium” that works closely with the CFPB and other regulatory bodies at the state and federal level to share best practices for the collection industry and communicate with these same bodies on proposed and needed changes.

One Advantages management regularly meets with key officials, regulatory agencies and various representatives concerning the implementation of HIPAA requirements and privacy of information for patients and consumers. Our objective is not only to understand the requirements and ensure compliance, but also to help ensure our clients do so.

One Advantage is committed to comply with HIPAA, including the Privacy, Security and Electronic Transaction standards. Firstsource has implemented policies, processes and procedures designed to ensure compliance with these standards. We monitor and audit changes in these standards for compliance and effectiveness. From new hire training to annual certification, our agents and management team receive constant updates and training to ensure compliance and understanding of all state and federal laws including HIPAA, FDCPA, TPCA and additional areas impacting our daily operations as a collections organization. Systems, policies and procedures are regularly evaluated for further development and enhancement and are managed through our Change Control Management System before being rolled out to our team.