Healthcare Collection Services

Healthcare Collection Services

One Advantage has been providing healthcare collection services since 1958 through our legacy companies. Our operational strategies maximize revenue generation while also ensuring a positive patient experience. One Advantage handles each collection call with our client’s mission firmly in hand. With our technology platforms and analytics tools, we provide the business intelligence to create customized treatment strategies that our collectors can leverage.

We serve a wide variety of healthcare providers – hospitals, physician groups, large national healthcare systems, small rural hospitals, and government facilities. Our services include but not limited to:

We Offer

A comprehensive suite of collection service programs, including: Scoring strategies and account segmentation, dispute resolution, customized calling campaigns and letter series, negotiating and monitoring partial payment arrangements, credit bureau reporting and litigation, full account resolution.

Through advanced scoring technology, predict a patient’s propensity to resolve their account, and prioritize accounts based on demographics and collectability. Determine appropriate work effort for each account based on the collectability evaluation. Provide a healthcare-focused operating environment that ensures necessary flexibility and sensitivity.